Get 20K Visitors Next Day Only Use this SEO Tactics and Strategies

how to get more visitors to my website for free

I have Started my blog 2 years before. simply I used write the articles never checked how many visitors read my post. after some days i realized that i want to find out number of visitors for my site. then i google it for search engine optimization techniques got so many results in that, i have picked some of the articles and read it all those seo marketing techniques. I Have applied some tricks in my blog. from next day itself i got so many visitors for my site.

So, Here i am going to share with you what is seo strategy and search engine optimization techniques.

SEO Tactics and Strategies

1. Find dead Link 

Normally large websites, We have mentioned link in our website internal or external, where external links used for references gradually become irrelevant or broken (also called a dead link), as the linked websites later some point of time they have moved different name or link.

There are So many websites to check backlinking seo You just check out this webite to find dead links for your website.

seo tactics and strategies
seo quick tips

You got dead link? don’t worry just re-create that dead link on your web site page and replace the dead link  to right one. if you dont want to index then simply add nofollow to that.

seo explanation

 2. Update Old Blog Posts 

Instead of writing a new post just update your old post with most searchable keyword. To make sure updated post should meaningful. once updated that post please share with your subscribers and share with social friends

Why we need to update old post?

As you know, Google results displays the fresh content in the SERPs to help users find fresh post. If you update your  older content posts, Google will take your modified date and display it in the search results page.

best seo tips
seo marketing techniques

3. Copy Google Adwords Ads Title

You can see, the Google SERP Adwords ads top of the pages that is competitive keywords which is used by google adwords advetisers.

web page optimization techniques
what is seo tools wikipedia

Just collect the prober heading title and use in your post. you will get more traffic.

4. Make links to Not Searchable Pages in your site

This is best option to make the link for your site non searchable pages So that people can able to read your post.

add internal links from those non searchable pages to the page that needs a boost.

 5. Embed Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags

If you are using one keyword for your title tag you’re losing a lot of search engine traffic on the table

In the Target keyword just add before or after long tail keyword in the post’s title.

6. Publish Content With Minimum 1,500 Words

While publish new post make sure the post has at least more than 1500 words. this will help you to get listed first page in the search results. long posts show Google providing in-depth information for searchers.

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